First Cosplay Experience for the Ninja

So, William and I both nerds.  Poor little guy couldn’t help but be a nerd with me as his mother.  A few months ago, we went to Wizard World Chicago.  For those of you that don’t know, Wizard World is one of the biggest Comic Book Conventions around.  I tried to convince William to cosplay.  We had purchased a tuxedo for a wedding in which he was Ring Security and I wanted to get another wear out of it.  I told him he could be James Bond, which was the look we were going for for the wedding.  Nope, he wanted to be William.  I even tried to convince him to be one of the Men In Black…he wasn’t going for it.  I tried everything I could think of.  He didn’t want to wear his tux.  He just wanted to be William.

Bruce chillin' in the Batmobile
Bruce Wayne in the 1960’s Batmobile

Before we left the house to drive to Chicago, he decided that he wanted to take his Batman cape and mask so he could be Batman.  It was then that he decided he was going to wear his Ring Security uniform.  He wanted to do both.  I figured, whatever it takes to get one more wear out of that tux.  He actually wear the whole tux (including the dress shoes) all day.

The 1960’s Batmobile was a Wizard World this year…so it seemed a perfect opportunity.  This is the point that he decided he was dressed as Bruce Wayne.  I’m not sure why Batman would wear a tux inside the Batmobile, but…

He told people for the rest of the day that he was Bruce Wayne; he even entered a costume contest for kids and told the announcer that he was Billionaire Bruce Wayne.  The kid even hammed it up with several other cosplayers for photos.  We have Bruce Wayne and a Ghostbuster with Slimer, Bruce Wayne with Buzz Lightyear himself!  And Bruce Wayne with the Hulk and Iron Man.  We even caught a picture of Bruce chillin’ in the Speed Racer car.

Bruce hanging with Slimer
Bruce Wayne with a Ghostbuster and Slimer

There was a group of cosplayers that actually asked William–I mean Bruce–for his picture.  They were dressed as Beast Boy and two Ravens from Teen Titans.  The picture came out a little fuzzy, so I won’t be sharing it here, but that made his day.  He talked about the fact that they wanted his picture for a solid hour afterwards.

I believe we have the birth of a cosplayer; I may have created a monster.

So what does this mean for Mommy and Ninja? 

Well, after Christmas, I’ll have all the stuff I need to start foam fabrication.  I figured I’d start with the stuff that isn’t sewing.  I’m going to make him some weapons first, then move onto bracers, chest pieces and helmets.  I’ll be sharing my successes and my failures here on Mommy and Ninja occasionally.  Cross your fingers that I don’t slice a finger off with an X-Acto knife.

Bruce hanging with Buzz
Bruce Wayne has a friend in Buzz Lightyear

For my first attempt, I’m going to be making a simple sword with a very basic hilt.  William, however, is expecting a keyblade from Kingdom Hearts.  It’s going to be an experience, for sure.  I’m betting there is a steep learning curve, but we have to have foam props for our costumes.  My cousin is into all of this stuff, so I’ll be making her the guinea pig for some pieces of body armor.  Once I have foam fabrication started…sewing will be next.  I’ll be posting some reviews of items purchased for foam fabrication, which are useful in many other crafting hobbies.  Stay tuned for the hilarity that I’m certain will be my failures.

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