Review: Vintar Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light

I know what you’re thinking.  Toilet light?  Why on Earth?  Well, for anyone with a little boy (or in many cases a man) living in your home, you want this little light.  I never even thought about a light inside the toilet until I was browsing the Amazon Deals of the Day one night and happened onto this little guy:  Vintar 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Night Light. (<–Affiliate link)

The light itself is bright enough to illuminate the bathroom, but not so bright that it hurts your eyes in the middle of the night.  It is battery operated and fairly compact.  You won’t even know it’s there during the day.  You can see it on the outside of the toilet, but it’s not garish.  It can actually be an interesting conversation piece.  My uncle was so amused by our light, William got him his very own for Christmas this year.  He loves it.

This particular toilet light is LED and has 16 colors.  The light simply rotates through the colors one-by-one, gently changing between them every 4 seconds or can be set to one solid color.  There is a setting to change the brightness of the light, there are 5 possible levels of brightness.


The view in the dark
The toilet light in action!

What is a motion sensor toilet light and why do I need one?

A motion sensor toilet light is a small device that rests inside your toilet bowl that senses when someone approaches the toilet in the dark.  Not just people, cats (and I imagine dogs) too.  It operates the same as a motion sensor night light that you would plug into a power outlet on the wall.  So, why not just get a motion sensor night light and put it in the bathroom?  A couple of reasons:  1. Available power outlets can be an issue in some households.  Those outlets are a hot commodity.  2.  The night light, while nice, may not help the problem of missing the bowl.  This light illuminates the actual toilet bowl, giving those individuals who need to aim a better chance at actually seeing what they’re aiming at.

What about those of us that don’t need to aim?  Well, there is far less benefit for a household full of individuals of the female persuasion.  In fact, it’s truly not needed.  That doesn’t make it any less cool.  If nothing else, this would free up a power outlet in your bathroom taken by a motion sensor night light.

Installation and Use

No thanks to the included instructions, installation was so easy, it’s barely worth mentioning.  You take it out of the packaging, put the batteries in (AA batteries x3, not included) and form the neck into a hook-like shape and put it on top of the toilet bowl.  The neck is very flexible and should fit any toilet bowl with ease.

Use of the light is even easier than installation.  As long as the batteries aren’t dead, you don’t have to do anything to use it.  Through use, it may get tinkled on from time to time.  The led light and neck are waterproof (or pee-proof) and are easily washed off under a running faucet.  The sensor unit itself would need to be wiped with a wet washcloth rather than submerged.  The neck is not detachable, so one needs to be careful when washing the unit.

How much can I expect to pay?

As of this writing, this toilet light is $13 USD.  I found it on a lightning deal for $7.49 in October.  According to Honey, the price has ranged from $7.49 to $14.55 in the last 30 days.  If it’s not a gift idea, wait and see if it dips back down toward $7 again.  There are other options on Amazon that are in the same ballpark price-wise.  And there is even a 3-pack of this exact same light (<–Affiliate link) for $25.99 USD

What do Mommy and Ninja say?

Mommy:  Personally, I love the light.  I don’t use it for the purpose it was intended, but I love it.  It’s strange, but I shower in the dark; I don’t how that started.  I happen to find it very relaxing.  But the light stays on long enough for me to find my way into the shower before the room becomes completely dark.  A motion sensor night light would have done the trick just the same.  We’ve had this light since the middle of October and it has worked exactly as stated, every single time.  The batteries are still going strong.

Ninja:  “I like it because it’s pretty and it glows in the dark like a pretty ballerina.”  ***Please note that this DOES NOT glow in the dark.  It is an actual light.***  I don’t technically know what that means, but he likes it.  Mind you, the light doesn’t actually do anything other than turn on and change colors, but he thinks it’s like a pretty ballerina.

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  1. This would come in handy! I hate when I can’t see anything in the middle of the night. I might have to get one of these.

  2. This is interesting and cool, it seems that it would be great for mid night pee runs and not wanting to turn on the light.

    1. This is the perfect thing for him. It’s a nice novelty and with a relatively low price point, totally worth it.

    1. I had one that slept on the bath mat too…odd little critters, aren’t they? Once they get situated and go to sleep, the light would turn off. It stays on for maybe 20 seconds after the last motion. And…you never know, they might like it.

    1. I completely forgot to mention that benefit! Depending on where your toilet is positioned in the bathroom, it could come on early enough that she’ll be able to see in the hallway before entering, but she’ll at least be able to walk into the bathroom and not be scared.

    1. Can you believe that we went this long through life and didn’t know about this wonderful little invention? It’s worth every penny.

  3. Ninja had me at “glows in the dark like a pretty ballerina” haha. Thank you for the review. Definitely a good idea to have one of these if you have little ones in the house.

    1. Yeah, that’s what he said when I asked him what he thought of his toilet night light. Kids truly say the craziest things.

  4. This LED toilet light can be really handy when it comes to going to the wash room in the middle of the night. I need to go on average once a night, so this light can definitely be very useful for me.

  5. Toilet lights are actually really useful. I don’t have one, but I want one, because my hubby leaves the seat up, and I ended up sitting right in the water in the middle of the night. LOL. I also think my little girl would love one!

    1. Oh, I hated that. I had a boyfriend that constantly left the seat up. Anytime I said anything about it he would always say, “Well, you don’t put the seat back up when you’re done, so why should I put it back down when I’m done?”

  6. This light looks so cool. I would love to have one for my middle of the night trips. I will have to add it to my wish list.

  7. How cool is this??
    I also laughed when you said you shower in the dark. I am the complete opposite! I was once caught in the shower during a blackout and had to get out until the power came back on because it completely freaks me out!!

    1. Wow, if the power went off during my shower, I wouldn’t even know it. LOL. And the toilet light is what I use if I need to see anything before leaving the bathroom after the shower, so I wouldn’t even know it until I left the bathroom.

  8. Well I have to agree that the light does kind of glow, and it is dark, even if it’s not classic “glow-in-the-dark” material. I can see how that might be useful at night, but maybe a bit strange as well.

  9. Nowadays technology has been very practical to have and everything gets easy. This project is cool, the idea is awesome and I wish its affordable too.

  10. A motion sensor light is good to have so I perhaps locate things in a dark bedroom. However on the issue of missing the toilet bowl; this is more a male problem than a female problem

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