Review: Monopoly Gamer Edition

We’ll be taking a look at Monopoly Gamer Edition (<–Affiliate link) today.  This was a Christmas gift from the ninja and we’ve finally had some time to sit and try it out.  We have the game and 4 additional game tokens.  Let’s jump right in with some Monopoly history.

A Little About Monopoly

Monopoly has long been present in American households.  The first Monopoly game is from 1935 by Parker Brothers, though it is based on a game self-published in 1906 called The Landlord’s Game.  Monopoly is now licensed in more than 100 countries and published in 37 different languages.  That’s impressive, no matter how you feel about the game…that’s impressive.

There are more licensed Monopoly editions than I care to count.  They have sports team-themed, major city-themed, movie and television-themed, video game-themed and all kinds of other editions.  They have everything from Chicago Cubs Monopoly to The Simpsons Monopoly to Boy Scouts of America editions.  The range of available themes throughout the years is wide.  Not all of these are available to purchase at the store today, many of them are only available second-hand at this point as they are no longer being manufactured.

Over the years (and generations), Monopoly is no longer the go-to board game in many households for several reasons, the biggest of which being the time to play.  Hasbro has been trying for many years to keep the game of Monopoly fresh and current.

What Makes Gamer Edition Different?

Where to begin…  Gamer Edition takes Monopoly and twists it into something similar but different at the same time.  The rules have been modified to play more like a competitive video game rather than the classic Monopoly game.  The best thing about Gamer Edition is the time it takes to play the game.  Classic Monopoly can take anywhere from an hour to 3 or 4 hours and by the end of the game, oftentimes you end up hating each other’s guts.  Monopoly Gamer Edition is designed to end relatively quickly.  There are 8 bosses that you must defeat (or let escape).  The boss battles happen when a person passes go.  Do the math on that…if there are 4 players, that could be a pretty short game.

The game feels more rewarding than Classic Monopoly.  Gamer Edition, being as short as it is, makes your accomplishments mean something.  It’s not about crushing your opponents and making them go bankrupt.  It’s about defeating the bosses, collecting properties and hoarding as many coins as you can your grubby little mitts on.

Other changes include (obviously) new Mario-themed characters each with special abilities, no chance/community chest cards, no houses/hotels, Mario themed coins (1’s and 5’s) instead of paper money and having one of the number dice replaced with a power-up die.

Choosing a Character

Choosing your character is no easy task like in Classic Monopoly.  Gamer Edition has added special abilities unique to each character that should be considered when choosing a character.  We did not consider this, we simply chose the character that we liked.  Not knowing their abilities gave us an even playing field, nobody chose and advantageous character over a weak one.  Abilities are not game-breaking by any stretch, but they are a nice addition and create more varied game-play as you have different combinations of characters.  Naturally, certain characters prove stronger than others as they can’t all have equal abilities simply because of the nature of the game…you can only do so much to vary the abilities.  Included in the game are Donkey Kong, Princess Peach, Yoshi and Mario.

Power Packs

Speaking of choosing a character, there are 8 power packs available.  They are not blinds, which is nice.  They come in a bag, similar to the blind toy bags you can get for about every IP ever created, but you can visibly see which character you are getting.  These power packs fit the theme perfectly as they remind me of DLC available for video games.  Each pack comes with a new character token, a character card and a sticker.  The characters available in these packs include:  Luigi, Wario, Diddy Kong, Toad, Rosalina, Fire Mario, Tanooki Mario and Boo.  The prices vary wildly online, but can be purchased at a bricks-and-mortar location for around 3 or 4 dollars at the time of this writing.


As mentioned, this play way faster than Classic Monopoly.  We finished in about a little over an hour with a 3-player game and keep in mind that one of those players is 6.  The game is fast-paced and you must pay attention even when it is not your turn.  Learning to sweet-talk other players into hitting someone else with something bad from the item die is essential to your long-term savings.

The rules are very different and, to be honest, more complicated than any other Monopoly I’ve played.  They were a little complicated for the ninja at first, but with some extra patience we were able to get him through the game without issue.  A child slightly older than him would have no problems understanding what was going on.  Beyond that, the game lasted a little too long to hold his attention.  He has the attention span of dead gnat, so that’s not really knocking the game…I’m just saying.

The boss battles are easy to figure out and reward you with a nice chunk of points as well as a bonus reward for beating him (or her).

What did we think?

Gamer Edition has an opportunity to bring Monopoly back into the lives of a new generation.  How well do we think it did?

Mommy:  This is a fun and refreshing change to the standard Monopoly formula.  The additions were all done very well.  It still felt like a Monopoly game, but it was different enough to make it well worth the money.  The pieces are high-quality plastic instead of metal, but they’re around 4 bucks for an additional character…we can’t expect the nice old metal pieces at this point.  I wish the coins, of which there are far too few of the single coins, were plastic rather than cardboard.  Plastic would last much longer, but overall this game was worth the price of admission.

Ninja:  Two thumbs up.  He said it was shorter he would “give it 10 thumbs up!”  It really was just a tad too long for his attention span.  He seemed to really enjoy stealing coins from us.  And he won the game, so that made him happy.

What We Like-Mario theme
-Power packs that add characters
-Easy to learn and play
-Fun gameplay
What We Don't Like-Not enough coins
Replay ValueHigh -- This is partially due to the nature of the characters abilities and the possible combinations
Recommended AgeHasbro: 8+
Mommy and Ninja: 6+
Final GradeB+
Final ThoughtsPerfect for any Mario fan or a board game fan looking for a new take on a old game.

Have you played Monopoly Gamer Edition?  Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.  We’d love to hear your opinions.

***Disclosure:  The opinions stated here are the honest opinions of Mommy and Ninja.  We purchased this product at full retail price and were not compensated for this review in any way nor asked to give a positive review.***

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