About Us

Who are Mommy and Ninja?

MOMMY:  I am a front end manager at a large local grocery chain; I work full-time.  I spend as much time with my son as my job and his need for sleep allow.  As mentioned, we’re nerds…we like video games, comic books and the like.  Once he goes to sleep at night, it’s video game time!  I’ve given up on reading comics because the choice between vegging out with a video game or reading a comic had to be made.  I still read the occasional comic, but I’m way behind on everything.

I’m 33 and have only the one child.  My son and I live with my mom, who he calls Grammy.

This is not my first blog.  My first one was a mommy blog while I was a stay-at-home mom, Worn Baby Shoes.  When I first started working, I was a Night Crew Manager working 10pm-7am and just didn’t have the time to dedicate to blogging if I wanted to see my son and sleep.  Unfortunately, my domain name was purchased by someone in the interim and I had to start fresh.

NINJA:  William is 4 years old and already a nerd.  He likes video games and comic books.  He can beat the first three bosses in Skylanders Trap Team all by himself…this kid is crazy good at that game.  He can’t read at all, but he loves to “read” his comic books; he sits and makes up stories based on the pictures.  He won’t let someone read to him, but he loves to make up his own stories.

As noted, William is an only child and is spoiled rotten.  This kids room looks like a toy store threw up in it and nobody wanted to clean it up.

William is also a student at a local dojo that teaches American Kenpo, hence the moniker.  He is in the pre-school class and is currently a yellow belt.  The belts mean almost nothing in the pre-school class, but he is quite proud of himself.

What is Mommy and Ninja? 

We want to share our experiences with various products that we’ve bought and played with so that you might be able to save your money by not buying the same piece of junk that we bought.  We don’t want to just share the bad experiences; we want to share them all.  All of the content on Mommy and Ninja will be child appropriate and safe for work.  No need to ever worry about your little one or your boss seeing something that you ought not be looking at.

We will be doing some giveaways along the road, once we get into our stride.  We will share all kinds of reviews; everything from toys to kitchen items to money-saving apps to anything under the sun.  I’ll be pulling some of my old reviews that I still have from my first blog, Worn Baby Shoes and sharing those as well.  Most of the toys we review now will be for toddlers, but I have a ton of reviews for baby items that I’d love to share again.  They’ll just be sprinkled in with our regular content.